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Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Literature Review.. 3

Research Objectives. 4

Research Design, Approach and Data Collection. 4

Data Analysis and Limitations. 4

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The determinants of health spending


The proposed paper is aimed at determining the determinants of health spending. The paper is mainly reliant on secondary data and quantitative analysis. This outline is purposed at forming a background for the research in the view of past researchers and formulate the data collection and analysis methods to be used for this research. In addition, the research objectives are also highlighted in this outline.

Literature Review

In the view of Crémieux, Ouellette and Pilon (1999), who conducted a primary research to study the impacts of health spending on the health of individuals, the health spending patterns have a direct impact on the individuals’ health and therefore, the regulatory authorities need to emphasise the health spending by individuals in the long-run. Many researchers consider health spending as imperative for a healthy life. However, a research by Marmot et al. (2008) focused on social aspect of health spending and concluded that the health spending has to be done by society as a whole. For the people, who cannot afford it, the government of the country has to play its role and in case of poor management at government level, the society needs to take care of each other’s health spending in order to ensure a healthy life for everyone. In their view, the health spending is the responsibility of the state rather than individuals as observed in majority of developing countries.

Another research byKe, Saksena and Holly (2011) also focused on studying the health spending by individuals and their health status. In a multi-dimensional study, it was found that the individuals who spend more on their health are able to live a healthier life as compared to the individuals who hinder spending in this area. Further, a research by Gredtham et al. (1998) contrasts the findings of the above research and believes that individual health spending has a significant impact on the health in developing countries only. On the other hand, the health is responsibility of the state in developed countries solely and there is hardly any spending by individuals in those countries. Overall, the background suggests that the findings of past researchers vary significantly differ from each other based on data set employed for the research as well as the data analysis method used.

Research Objectives

The research aims to explore the determinants of health spending in a great detail and also identify which of the determinants are more important. The research objectives are as follows:

  • To identify the factors that affect the health spending in a society.
  • To highlight the importance of health spending.
  • To evaluate what factors are more important in affecting the health spending in a society.
  • To recommend individuals about appropriate health spending……