In addition, our writers are able to complete any paper on Criminology – for example, racism within the police, youth crime, socialmediaalcohol, drugs and crime or theoretical explanations for criminal behavior.
Our writers can even take Law into the 21st century and write with a modern outlook on subjects including Internet Law (Data Protection – Cybercrime- Hyper linking/Framing – File Sharing Systems – E- Signatures – E-Money – E-Commerce – Online Contracting – Jurisdictional Issues – Online Dispute Resolution); Intellectual Property Law (Domain Names – Online Licenses – Multimedia – Databases – Computer Software – Copy left / Open Source – Anti-circumvention Measures – Genetic Material and IP);

Media Law Freedom of Expression and the Press – Human Rights Act – Press Regulation – Advertising Regulation – Defamation – Obscenity – Offensive and Harmful Content – Confidentiality and Privacy Law – Court Reporting – Contempt of Court -Broadcasting Law – Censorship). Moreover, our writers are able to complete any assignment on Banking Law; Remedies & Restitution; Comparative Legal Systems; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration Law; Industrial Law; Family Law; U.S Law; Public Law and International Trade Law.

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