Economics is considered to be the social science, which is focused mainly upon goods, services and processes connected with 9661558_origthese notions.
Sure thing, it is of considerable importance. That is why it is included in a high school program.

Naturally, economics essays are the most common way of assessing knowledge in this subject. Hence, getting a positive mark for this written task turns out to be rather vital for any student, but how to succeed in fulfilling assignment in economics? Selecting an informative topic is likely to be one of the secrets of success. To make your life easier, we’ve created the list of the themes, which are likely to be the most and relevant ones:

  • Modernization in agriculture and its social effects.
  • Industrialization in European Union countries.
  • World economic crisis.
  • Treaty of Lisbon and its impact on economic policy of the EU.
  • Basic stages of economic development.
  • Reasons for financial crisis in America.
  • The essence of market failure.
  • British economy and its principal problems.
  • Industrial revolution in Great Britain. Its causes and consequences.
  • Oil market and its influence on micro- and macroeconomics in the world.
  • Testimonial.