Proof Reading with Ad-ons Services

1. Basic Proof Reading:

Proofreading involves improvements to the spelling and grammar, structure of the work and sentence flow. We would also assist in improving the layout, and adopting a uniform font. The service would help you avoid spelling and grammatical errors, and ensure appropriate sentence constructions.
This service would be ideal for students with whom English is not their first language, but are confident in the quality of the work they have done so far. This service is usually employed with essays, assignments, and dissertations.

A qualified writer (in your subject) would review what you have done so far, and improve it based on the following criteria:

Grammar: We would proofread and edit the grammar, spelling and sentence structure of your work.

Structure and Coherence: We would ensure your work adopts an appropriate structure and flows logically.

Research Question: We would ensure that whatever question has been posed is appropriately answered within your essay / dissertation.

Referencing: We help you reference your work appropriately.

Critical Analysis: We ensure your work is not overly descriptive, and includes several instances of critical analysis on all major chapters.

2. Advance Proof Reading:Turnitin Plagiarism Check

Advance proofreading involves basic proof reading with the additional Add-ons likewise Turnitin and Grammarly. In advance proof reading, proofreader will be using these two add-ons apart from the basic proofreading so that we can guarantee you 100% quality work and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Software generated reports of both software’s will be also provided for the confirmation to the customer.

Plagiarism Checking/Turnitin – Software:

What is Turnitin Pro?

Turnitin Pro helps students become better writers by identifying grammar errors and unoriginal content in written work. Turnitin Pro was developed with the guidance and input of instructors who saw the need for a simple service to help students identify and correct writing mistakes in a formative manner.

Who uses Turnitin Pro?

Turnitin Pro is used by students to improve and check their writing before submission and/or publication. Users range from secondary to higher education students, including a large number of students learning English as a second language.

What is the difference between Turnitin Pro and Turnitin?

Turnitin Pro is designed for students to check grammar, style, usage, mechanics, spelling and originality while Turnitin is used for instructors to check for originality and grammar facilitate peer review and enable online grading of student’s written work. Both services search the same database content. The main differences between the two services are two-fold: 1) Turnitin shows the actual source materials of unoriginal content whereas Turnitin Pro only shows potential unintended plagiarism without matching sources and 2) Turnitin papers are added to the student database of papers; Turnitin Pro papers are not added to the database.

Grammar Check:

 What is the ETS® e-rater® technology?

Turnitin Pro has partnered with Educational Testing Service (ETS) to incorporate e-rater as part of the service. The e-rater technology provides students with immediate feedback on grammar with links to writer’s handbooks so students can learn how to correct and improve their English grammar.


If the deadline is with in 05 days of the order placement then you will be charged at-
*Different currency options below.

  • GBP 30 per 1000 words
  • AED 42 Per Page
  • 11 Per Page


If the deadline is more then 05 days of the order placement then you will be charged at-
*Different currency options below.

  • GBP 20 per 1000 words
  • AED 30 per Page
  • 7 per Page

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My sincere gratitude goes out to you and your writer for your time, patience and assistance. You both accommodated my needs, even when I was frustrated and seemed difficult to deal with, Ty you remained polite and composed, excellent customer service, I have no doubt that you will be a success.
Michelle B., Order No: 553b

What traits does ETS e-rater technology check?

Turnitin Pro’s grammar checking tool provides feedback on the most common grammar traits, as well as on style, usage, mechanics and spelling.

How does the ETS e-rater technology work?

The e-rater engine uses machine learning and natural language processing that has been developed over a decade of research to identify grammar errors in written work. The e-raterengine in Turnitin Pro is the same technology used for automated scoring in the written sections of the GRE® and TOEFL® standardized tests.