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Ordering a Poster or Presentation is again very simple with The Document Co, all you need to do is to complete our Online Order Form. We will then get back to you within 3-4 hours with the order confirmation. If you agree – please reply and we will arrange the payment options for you. Once the deposit payment of £ 50 (refundable) is made, our writer will start the work and you will receive your completed essay on or before your deadline. It is that simple!

Nowadays students are often asked to deliver a presentation or are asked to create a poster to be presented in class. Not only this is a very stressful task, but it can be a very complicated one as well. It is essential to present the correct information, in an informative way to avoid embarrassment in front of your class!

Delivering a presentation or poster is often made even more difficult as students need to accompany them with comprehensive comments or speech for each slide. This is to ensure the presentation is delivered smoothly and that all requirements are addressed.

Our experienced writers have completed hundreds of posters and presentations for our clients. By commissioning your presentation or poster to The Document Co, you can be assured that you will receive top quality piece of work that will impress your tutor and classmates.

Custom Presentations:

Our writers can help you create an excellent presentation, matched entirely to your requirements. We can customize your presentation in many ways, for example:

Some students are required to present findings on a completed report, assignment, proposal or dissertation. If this applies to you, our writers can also help with this. Whether you would like us to complete your report and presentation or just create a presentation based on your findings – we can certainly help you. Your dedicated writer will read your report, assignment or dissertation in detail before completing your presentation to ensure that all points made are addressed.

When giving you a quote for your custom presentation we will offer you an option of receiving your presentation with accompanying comments for each slide. This service has proved to be extremely popular amongst our clients, since slides can only contain limited information and each slide needs to be explained, while presenting. Getting your custom presentation with comments or speech to support it will help you to save time and understand your presentation in greater depth.

Custom Posters:

In recent year’s students are increasingly being asked to prepare posters as a part of academic assessments. Creating a poster is a complex task, since thorough research and preparation is essential before work on the
poster can really begin. Posters are also difficult to complete because all of the information has to be presented in a stylish manner within a limited allotted space. We can customize your poster in many ways, for example:

  • Formatting e.g A2, A3, A4 and etc size
  • Images, graphs and diagrams may be included
  • Specific poster content requirements
  • Comments or speech to accompany your poster
  • Questions for the audience
  • Referencing and Bibliography

Many people struggle talking in front of a group of people, and this can be even more difficult when you have to present and explain piece of work. It is also hard if you do not know your subject area very well, and this is where our writers can assist you. With their in-depth knowledge, they are fully capable of producing a piece of work that is informative, making it much easier for you to present..


If the deadline is with in 05 days of the order placement then you will be charged at-
*Different currency options below.

  • GBP 10 per Slide
  • AED 55 per Slide
  • 15 per Slide


If the deadline is more then 05 days of the order placement then you will be charged at-
*Different currency options below.

  • GBP 6 per Slide
  • AED 35 Per Page
  • 9 per Slide

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My sincere gratitude goes out to you and your writer for your time, patience and assistance. You both accommodated my needs, even when I was frustrated and seemed difficult to deal with, Ty you remained polite and composed, excellent customer service, I have no doubt that you will be a success.
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Excellent support with research papers review, clearly indicating very thorough background knowledge base and demonstrable, evidenced based expertise of the paper and other related issues around the subject.
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*Total Payment will be made in installments, after the delivery of work. For the order placement, you will be required to pay £50 (refundable) as order deposit.