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  • Flexible deliveries: Urgent, Standard and Chapter-by-Chapter.
  • Free dissertation topics
  • Free dissertation outline (for your approval)
  • Free data collection design (e.g. questionnaire)
  • Writer can make up your primary research (extra fee)
  • Free executive summary, content page, references, bibliography and appendices
  • Fully referenced with academic sources
  • Any Statistical Analysis (e.g. SPSS, eviews & stata)
  • Payment in Installments available


If the deadline is with in 05 days of the order placement then you will be charged at-
*Different currency options below.

  • GBP 60 per 1000 words
  • AED 85 per Page
  • 22 Per Page


If the deadline is more then 05 days of the order placement then you will be charged at-
*Different currency options below.

  • GBP 50 per 1000 words
  • AED 70 Per Page
  • 20 Per Page

* Our Dissertation ordering procedure is very simple. All you need to do is to complete our online request form. We will then get back to you within 3-4 hours with the order confirmation. If you agree – please reply and we will arrange the payment options for you. Once the deposit payment of £ 50 (refundable) is made, our writer will start the work and you will start receiving your dissertation drafts on or before your agreed deadline for drafts. It is that simple!

*Total Payment will be made in installments, after the delivery of work. For the order placement, you will be required to pay £50 (refundable) as order deposit.

*Our writers can also work on primary research (extra fee) *Payment in Installment

We, at he Document Co ,understand the pain,stress and mental pressure a master’s level dissertation can cause, especially when you have other things in life. We help students not only develop but also plan a dissertation characterized by academic rigor, factual knowledge and theoretical excellence. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation writing services for all the subjects we cover. Over a period of 4 – 8 weeks, we will assign you a dedicated researcher, who would work with you to produce that top quality dissertation. We work with your supervisor’s feedback to ensure the right models, theories, methodologies and analysis are adopted, and that your discussion and conclusion chapters are publication worthy.

Unlike other companies in this market we offer full customization, which means that we will do whatever you require, rather than you having to select from the options available. We will treat your order individually, assign you a writer with a relevant UK degree, monitor the progress and instantly address any changes. We will work according to YOUR DEADLINES and offer you maximum flexibility. Before we begin with your work, we will provide you with a selection of topics, and thereafter an outline of the dissertation for your approval. Your writer will wait until you are happy before continuing.

Your dissertation will be delivered according to your preferences, whether you require it in 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year.

4 types of Dissertation Writing Services we offer:

1. Partial Dissertation:

If you are struggling with certain parts of your dissertation, this service is just for you! If you are running out of time or if you do not have the right software, or even if you are simply finding it hard, we can help you. We can help you write certain chapters e.g. your literature review or methodology, create primary data collection tools, such as questionnaire or interview questions. We can also help you to analyze data for your findings chapter, or assist you with any possible problem you may be experiencing.

If you let us know which chapters you need help with when completing our Online Order Form, we will find the best writer at the best possible price for you.

2. Statistical Services:

Statistical analysis is a very important part of many dissertations since it allows the development of original research and the ability to attain a 2:1 or 1st standard for the dissertation. Statistical analysis, can however, be very complex and require in-depth knowledge of software such as SPSS, Excel, eViews, Polystat, Stata, Matlab and other software packages.

Our professional statisticians can help you to analyze the data for your dissertation using the most appropriate methods, compare it to your hypotheses and research questions to derive sound and valid research findings.

3. Editing & Improvement:

You have written your dissertation (in full or part) but its not upto the mark and needs improvement? We can help you! Whether you need simple proofreading or minor/major editing – Our expert writers can help you in the following ways:

  • Spelling, grammar, organization, and flow of work – Order Grammarly Check Online Order Form
  • Addressing your tutor’s comments
  • Completing your work e.g. adding missing chapters to your dissertation
  • Improving the standard of your work (e.g. from 2:2 to 2:1 or 1st)

Getting a good dissertation grade is very important for your degree and we will do our best to help you achieve your aims. We will customize and adapt our editing and improvement service so it caters to your exact needs and requirements.

Don’t let yourself down with your dissertation, Its all about your Graduation. Essays & Dissertations can help you!

4. Proposal Writing

We offer a proposal writing service. Your proposal is an essential starting point of the dissertation, as it explains the proposed research and carries marks towards the overall assessment. It is therefore very important to get it right. If you do not have an approved dissertation topic your dedicated writer will offer you several topics to choose from. Upon approval, your writer will start writing your proposal and deliver it to you on or before your deadline.

Whatever you require your proposal to contain e.g. GANTT chart, questionnaires, ethics forms, etc. – simply let us know when placing your proposal order and we will ensure your writer will fully meet your requirements.

More over, if you order your proposal and full dissertation at the same time, we will give you a massive 10% Discount off the price of your proposal.

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