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Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

Introduction to Mercedes Benz. 2

Corporate Social Responsibility and Mercedes Benz. 2

CSR goals. 4

CSR initiatives being taken by Mercedes Benz UK.. 4

“Give Back Program”. 4

Road Safety Star Base. 4

Online and Offline Charity Bazaar 5

Concept and Theories. 5

Stakeholder Theory. 5

Shareholder Theory. 6

Analysis of Mercedes Benz CSR. 7

Stakeholder theory. 7

Shareholder Theory. 8

Discussion and Conclusion. 9

References. 9



The following report is based on the analysis of the organization Mercedes Benz from the perspective of the Concept of Corporate Social responsibility. The report would provide an in-depth analysis of the business culture and practices by adopted by the organization with respect to their commitment towards corporate social responsibility. The organization will be analyzed against the two common theories with respect to corporate social responsibility, that is, stakeholders theory and the shareholder theory.

Corporate social responsibility, commonly known as CSR is becoming one of the important elements of corporate sustainability, where the organizations engage in social welfare works and other activities for showing their commitment and concern towards the society. The report will, therefore, analyze how one of the biggest organizations of UK is rendering their services with regards to corporate social responsibility, by first enlisting the CSR initiatives and then analyzing them against the CSR shareholder theory and stakeholder theory.

The aim of the Report

The aim of the report is to analyze the CSR activities being initiated by the renowned brand Mercedes-Benz against the two CSR theories, the shareholder theory and the stakeholder theory. The report would cortically analyze the CSR activates Mercedes-Benz is initiating and their impact on the brand image of the organization.

Introduction to Mercedes Benz

The well-known brand and organization, Mercedes-Benz is one of the leading automobile organization which is a division Daimer AG, that is a Germany based organization. The brand is well known around the world for their luxury vehicles, coaches, buses, and the lories. The Headquarter of the organization is located in the region of Stuttgart, Baden-Wuttemberg. The organization came into being in the year 1926 under the parent company, Daimer-Benz. (Mercedes-Benz Official Website, 2018)

The organization’s manufacturing units and the assembling units are spread around the world and in all the continents. The organization has been able to maintain its brand name and reputation in the market since the beginning of its operations. The organization was ranked as the 5th in the world for its quality cars in the year 2007 and continued to gain numerous awards and recognition. (J.D, 2007) Till date, the quality of plant being operated by the organization, along with the quality of vehicles being produced by the organization, are ranked as among the best in the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Mercedes Benz

The corporate social responsibility is a phenomenon practised in the modern corporate world, whereby, the organizations integrate their efforts towards environmental and social concerns in their day to day business operation and their interactions with the stakeholders. ( Fukukawa, Gray and Balmer, 2007) CSR is regarded as being one of the ways through which the organizations around the world achieve their balance of environmental, economic and social imperatives while ensuring that they address the expectations of their stakeholders and shareholders. There are a number of ways organization get themselves engage in the CSR activities directed towards the concept of charity, philanthropy and sponsorship in a strategic business management concept. (Lee, 2017) This contributes towards the environmental and social causes along with increasing the brand image and reputation in the market.

The organization Mercedes-Benz is following the UN sustainability Development goals with respect to their CSR initiatives, where the organization has accepted to work towards the eradication of poverty from the world along with protecting the planet and ensuring that prosperity of everyone as their CSR agenda. The CSR activities of the organization are all directed towards addressing the issues of socio-economic and environment that are affecting the communities around the world at large. Following figure illustrated the sustainable development goals of UN that are being practised at Mercedes-Benz too:


CSR goals

The CSR goals of the organization include:

  • Providing the best quality of education and skill development programs while ensuring there is no poverty, quality education, reduced inequalities and gender equality in the society.
  • Conservation of the environment and natural resources by ensuring sanitation and clean water, climate action, and the life on land.
  • Ensure Hygiene and health of the people by ensuring zero hunger and well being and good health of people living in the society.

The organization is working with their CSR agenda of

“Nurturing the Best for all our Tomorrows”

CSR initiatives being taken by Mercedes Benz UK

There are a number of CSE activities and initiatives undertaken by the organization to ensure their CSR goals are met efficiently. Some of the CSR initiatives undertaken by the organization in recent years are as follow:

“Give Back Program”

The management of Mercedes Benz has initiated their CSR program in the year 2017, whereby the employees at Mercedes Benz Vans UK Ltd have been provided with an opportunity to utilize unlimited volunteering hours which have been initiated with the name of “Give Back Program”. The initiative has been taken with an initiative to empower the employees and also to benefit the good cause nationally and locally…