Terms of Use

“The Document Co” essay and dissertation assistance aims to help you to get the grade that you want. But some students do not get the most out of our services. For this reason, our Terms of Use Guide is here to outline how to get the most out “The Document Co”.

Why Use “The Document Co”?

  • We provide personalised model answers, supplied to your requirements and your deadline
  • All of our work is written by qualified, expert writers
  • Full and accurate referencing
  • All of our papers are written to a 2:1 standard
  • Get your hands on the most effective research tool: the most relevant source, offering you a wide range of reading, new ideas and key information on your assignment topic
  • Absolutely 0% plagiarised work, guarantee
  • All of our work is sent straight to your e-mail account: no fuss, no delay, work is always on time
  • Our Researches will provide you with the most effective methods to use in your Dissertations methodology section
  • With our Researchers offering their assistance, this presents you with more time to revise for your exams or other assignments
  • Absolute discretion. We are a confidential service and will never pass on any of details onto third parties

How to use “The Document Co” services

For the TheDocumentCo website:

  • Browse through our selection of services (for essays, dissertations, proofreading and plagiarism checks) and range of subjects that we cover
  • Submit your essay proposal here, stating the essay title, word count, and deadline. We will get back to you with a quote. For full details of pricing, click here.
  • For general essay enquires e-mail, us at info@thedocumentco.com, for proofreading or plagiarism e-mail info@thedocumentco.com

For Essays and Assignments:

  • Use a highlighter to mark out the relevant sections
  • Make notes on the argument and structure
  • Take a look at the references and bibliography to see the correct formatting and possible secondary reading. They are there for a reason. It should be easy to find these references, especially if you have a standard Athens account.
  • Make a note of the structure of the argument that the writer has used
  • Read 10+ articles on the subject

For dissertations:

    Study the literature review; this will give you all the relevant information with regards to the dissertation
  • The methodology can be used as a guideline for your own methodology and is a good place to base your justification of you topic and data collection upon
  • You can utilise the findings of our primary data with your own

When you are sent your essay or dissertation from TheDocumentCo, it is advised that you download the file and print off a hardcopy. A lot of our current users have said that they find it beneficial to look at a hardcopy of an essay, because they overlooked many things when looking at it on the computer screen. Remember: always re-read an essay to make sure you have not missed anything the first time.

Natasha Johns