Terms & Conditions

1.Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee only, if the work is plagiarized. We will give full refund if the document is found plagiarized.

2.Payment in Installments: Considering that most of our customers are students the, therefore we offer payments in installments. Only pay the deposit fee of GBP 50 and get the work on your project started. Remaining payment will be made in installments after the delivery of work in installments. The progress on your project will be stopped if you fail to make the previous installment payment and will only resume once the payment has been made. Final installment will be only paid once you completely get satisfied with the assignment as per your requirements.

3. Referral Discounts: We, at The Document Co offer referral Discount to all customers who so ever introduces any of his/her friends to us. The basic idea of referral discount is to benefit customers who have recommended us to their friends. Discount amount will be 15% of total order amount of first order placed by referred customer. The discount can be redeemed in cash or reduction of price in next order. The referral discount is applicable only ‘once’ for each referral.

4.Unlimited Amendments: We offer unlimited amendments to all our customers so that they can get the document as per their requirements. Customers can continuously ask for amendments during a period of maximum 30days from the date of delivery of assignment provided that primary instructions mentioned in the order form remain same. If the instructions are changed, then they will be charged at GBP 25/1000words (50% Discount). Customer can show the draft work to their supervisors and get the feedback for changes however once the period of 30days is over, any request made for the changes will not be entertained as the order status gets closed and payment is made to the writer. Any request for changes after a period of 30 days will be considered as a separate order for proofreading and extra charges will apply.

Please note that request for any changes will take around 24hours after which we will send you the updated document therefore changes should be asked keeping in view of deadline.

5.Limited liability: We always ensure to deliver superior quality of work to our customers and ensure atleast 2:1 or 60% quality. It is the liability of the customer to give proper instructions and get the work as per requirements. Our responsibility is to deliver the work as per the requirements and our liability ends when the customer gets satisfied.

6.Result Claims: We always ensure that the work has been delivered as per the requirements and satisfaction of the customer however we don’t guarantee any particular results and our liability stands limited once the customer accepts the document. One cannot guarantee the results as there is always a gap between the expectations of the tutor and the instructions given to the writer. We guarantee 100% satisfaction of the customer, not the teacher as the writer is not in contact with the tutor. We can always deliver a document which satisfies the customer as we solely work on their instructions however claiming for any particular result is not in our hands because we are not aware of the tutor’s expectations and satisfying a tutor is beyond our scope.

It’s solely the responsibility of the customer to deliver full & correct instructions and get the work done as per their own requirements.

Customers can fill the feedback form available on website & provide details in case of failure in any project. We will investigate the matter in detail and if the claim is reasonable keeping in view the above conditions then compensation will be given accordingly.

7.Resit Assignments: Customers will get 30% discount in the case of resit assignments provided that suitable proofs are given.