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Table of Contents:

Business Overview.. – 3 –

Business Summary. – 3 –

Business Aims. – 3 –

Products and Services. – 3 –

Core Products. – 3 –

The Market – 3 –

Professional Team Skills. – 4 –

Competitor Analysis. – 4 –

SWOT Analysis. – 5 –

Strengths. – 5 –

Weaknesses. – 5 –

Threats. – 5 –

Opportunities. – 5 –

Marketing Strategy. – 5 –

Costs and Pricing. – 6 –

Financial Forecasts. – 7 –

Following are the financial costs: – 7 –

References. – 7 –

Business Overview

Business Summary

In today’s economy, the courier service industry is in a high demand due to the boom in the e-commerce market(Ekonomia i Zarzadzanie, 2017). SAF delivery service is a new courier service specializing in road deliveries. The company can courier parcels from business to customers (such as from Amazon to its customers) as well as deliver from business to business (B2B). Our customers include individuals, corporate organizations, and businesses links to Amazon for online shopping. The main target audience is located demographically in Tottenham, Edmonton, and Enfield(Ekonomia i Zarzadzanie, 2017).


Business Aims

The company is targeting businesses that require both same day local deliveries and extended delivery services. Goods shall be picked from Amazon warehouses using delivery vans. The company aims to have a fleet of about 40 vehicles (vans) for efficient delivery network. The main business aim is to efficiently and effectively mediate smooth delivery between warehouses and end customers, be it individuals or businesses. Due to the rapid growth and expansion of the e-commerce market, logistics of goods is a very big concern for businesses. Even though there are plenty of delivery service providers in the market, there is yet to emerge one as a market leader. SAF delivery service aims to be that player with its time cutting competitive edge strategy.

Products and Services

The company believes in being the best and in order to achieve excellence in our field, we aim to deliver the best. In an attempt to deliver timely goods in the best manner possible, the company has in place various modalities to make sure these goals are achieved. After extensive market research and due diligence, they have decided to offer the following core products:


Core Products

The SAF delivery service will emerge as a reliable and efficient service provider offering value for money by providing the following products:

  • Local, same-day delivery service
  • Country-wide extended delivery service
  • International delivery service

Unique Selling Proposition

SAF delivery service takes pride in its all-encompassing excellence in organizational structure. It is a medium sized company with smooth running operations to deliver quality service. However, our company’s unique selling proposition is its promise to deliver your product in its original form. By this, we mean, ensuring the product quality. Fragile products, temperature sensitive products, time sensitive products are a few examples of the aspects we take into consideration while delivering.


Services to offer:

  • Delivery of important documents (such as university applications) in a time sensitive manner and while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Delivery of temperature sensitive products (such as medicines) in a controlled environment – for this purpose we have fridges installed in our delivery vans.
  • Delivery of fragile items such as flower bouquets, glass products, decorative products etc.
  • Delivery of electronic items including mobile phones and laptops
  • Delivery of household items including commodity products