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Table of Contents:

Business Overview.. – 3 –

Business Summary. – 3 –

Business Aims. – 3 –

Products and Services. – 3 –

Core Products. – 3 –

The Market – 3 –

Professional Team Skills. – 4 –

Competitor Analysis. – 4 –

SWOT Analysis. – 5 –

Strengths. – 5 –

Weaknesses. – 5 –

Threats. – 5 –

Opportunities. – 5 –

Marketing Strategy. – 5 –

Costs and Pricing. – 6 –

Financial Forecasts. – 7 –

Following are the financial costs: – 7 –



Section One

Business Overview



1.1 Business summary:



It is possible to facilitate the consumer by saving both his time and money at same cost with comfort along with ensured quality. We propose to start a business of Delivery Service where consumer can request online through our available contact channels to get their Amazon product delivered at desired place. In return the consumer can get a confirmation call, receive the product at their doorstep and pay cash on delivery or as per convenient mode of payment. As a test case, the business can be implemented only in a certain area and can be expanded if found feasible.



1.2 Business aims:



A vision statement shows the imaginary future how the company needs to achieve its mission. Company vision includes realistic and attractive information to energize and commit people while developing lives of all supporting partners. Also vision establishes a standard for future as excellence.

 ‘Easiest Delivery of Products for All’ is a company Vision statement which clearly comprises of three basic monitory visions as organization which are:

‘Easiest’ since company has visionary to achieve easiest solutions for its customers and consumers so that conveyance for customers can be maximized.

‘Delivery’ as a part of Logistics industry as service provider we are committed to share safe and quality delivery service for all of our customers with quality and most productive manner.

‘All’ since there are various factors who always limits your business to operate in a specific domain but we have a vision to reach All of our customers.



A company’s mission statement is essentially its statement of purpose. It serves as a guide for all of the company’s decision-making. Shareholders, leaders and employees are generally the target of the mission. It should help workers within the organization know what decisions and tasks best align with the mission of the company. A mission statement offers insight into what company leaders’ view as the primary purpose for being in business. Some companies have profit-motivated missions, while others make customers a focal point. Other firms use a mission to point out more altruistic intentions that ultimately lead to profits.

‘Timely Delivery of Goods’ is considered as company mission statement, as Time is featured as best attribute of SAF Delivery Service which definably makes relevancy with mission statement. Also Time as an important factor leads the cost especially if service provider has designed business model as conveyance as succeeding element.







Section Two

Products and services



2.1 Describe the core product/service you are going to sell:


With the rapid growing financial and technological standards of the world, it is extremely important for developing states to consume time in a most productive manner with a maximum cost effective solutions.

Similarly our country is facing huge traffic problems which consumes many hours of customers to go and buy product or valuables from market without assurance of availability.

SAF Delivery Service saves time and cost by delivering required Amazon products at door-step so that you can serve your time to have more valuables and more fun in life with more work-life balances.

Inside the field of delivery services, personal satisfaction is frequently respected regarding how a specific affliction influences a customer on an individual level. Quality of Life characterize personal satisfaction as “how much a man appreciates the critical conceivable outcomes of his or her life. Their Quality of Life Model depends on the classes “being”, “having a place”, and “winding up”; separately one’s identity, how one isn’t associated with one’s condition, and whether one accomplishes one’s close to home objectives, expectations, and aspirations. Experience testing considers indicate generous between-individual fluctuation in inside individual relationship between substantial side effects and personal satisfaction.

SAF Delivery Service manages your work-life balance to maintain your Quality of Life by providing your quality medicines as required at your door step without any hassles about availability and travel conveyance.



2.2 Explain your business’s product/service USP


The Consumer Durables advertise has dependably been fuelled by development, some fruitful and some less so. The most recent rush of advancement is Smart innovation, which is affecting numerous electrical items, some outside of the regular buyer gadgets classes. Brilliant innovations are intended to streamline our lives, they go well beyond the essential capacity, and inside the most recent couple of years different items have been discharged in varying item bunches that have affected the market, and progressively our lives.

Cell phones are likely the most perceived type of Smart innovation, and have turned into a tremendous impact in our regular day to day existence. The market keeps on developing, as items acquire includes and turn out to be more important.

With productive use of Smart Phones in daily life SAF Delivery Service is socially contributing people to maximize use of smart devices and order through digital or virtual mediums.



2.3 Describe any other product/service you are going to be selling:


When you are leaving one of our location partners after your purchase, we make it easier for you to buy products. Simply share an invoice copy with us. We will get the product arranged from the location, and have it delivered to you at your desired place even if its office or your second home. No need to queue up after a long wait at the clinic. Simply go home and rest.





Section Three

The Market



3.1 Describe your typical customer:


SAF Delivery Service will be efficiently catering various nature of customers typically aligned with Amazon as customer. Such customers includes Individuals, Corporate clients and business organizations. SAF Delivery Service will maintain quality service for all nature of customers in order to benefit maximum customer loyalty in various market segments.


3.2 Where are your customers based?


SAF Delivery Service will be serving its customers in Three major areas

  1. Tottenhum
  2. Edmonton
  3. Enfeild


Also after successful reach in these areas, company will plan for a geographical expansion to grow business and ensure maximum reach till customers.



3.3Explain the Branding that you have chosen, and how it prompts your customers to buy your product/service


One of our key activities is marketing of our services to the target audience. The marketing officer will be responsible to design marketing strategies for our service including social media management, website management, contacting different social media influence to suggest our service, managing print media and forecasting demands of different medicines in market.

With above mentioned sources by effectively using right content to brand our service as a quality delivery option for Amazon customers, we can prompt our customers to use our service……