Why The Document Co

The Document Co aims to provide students with Assignment writing, Essay writing, Dissertation writing, Proofreading and Presentation writing services. We cover wide range of subjects starting from business, engineering and medical. All of our services aim to provide students with the help and assistance that they need to get the top-end grades.
We feel that learning from experience is the best way for students to improve. So we have developed a system that helps to mold your thought-processes and writing style to better suit the higher education academic system.
What makes The Document Co so special?
The Document Co is unlike any other student assistance website around. Not only we put our clients first and foremost, but we also are proud to offer a number of qualities that makes our services so special:

  • We only hire the highest quality PhD or MSc writers.
  • No Plagiarism, Money back guarantee – We use Turnitin Pro software that checks for Plagiarism + Grammar.
  • Your assignment/report will 100% match your requirements.
  • Delivered via email before deadline.
  • Skype support for technical & education support – Skype ID Thedocument.
  • Fully referenced with academic sources.
  • Competitive prices and bulk discounts.
  • Payment in Installments available.
  • 100% confidential.

Unlimited Amendments

Unlimited amendments till the time YOU get Satisfied


Top Qualified Writers

Our writers are MSc or PhD Qualified


Payment in Installments

Payment in Installments after delivery of work


No Plagiarism - Money back Guarantee

Unlimited amendments till the time YOU get Satisfied