Formation of The Document Co

I still remember those cold winter nights and days at Windsor city in 2000, studying hours and hours and chasing good grades. Being an international student and living on our own is not easy. It requires managing various aspects of life which primarily includes managing the studies, friends, family, laundry, groceries and not to mention the relationship. Understanding of life at that stage is very crucial and there is just so much to be done in such short time and resources. I always used to wonder if I could have a friend who would do all my assignments and then would walk me through those assignments one by one to make my life easy.

I knew that if only I could take control of my studies the rest of the things would automatically fall into right and respective places. But on the contrary I used to be the one being one such sister not only ending up doing my own assignments but also for twin brother who was in a different country and university. This gave me a unique opportunity to have an understanding and experience of all the assignments of a parallel degree which was completely in a different domain. Not only I was writing assignments for my brother but I was actually providing tuition to him at the same time. [Thanks to the internet].

This gave me immense feeling of joy however there were two things constantly bothering me I would feel bad that my brother would become totally dependent on me and secondly writing parallel assignment was consuming a lot of time which left no room for a part time job in my student life. So I found out solution to both these things which ultimately inspired me to start a writing service company for students across the world.

I started hiring good students of my class as our writers and the same time, with the help of internet we started getting the assignments as well. Slowly & gradually, We became famous with team growing bigger BIGGER & better. I would only hire people I know they were best in writing and will ensure that my customers get good grades. As I was always a good student, people started trusting and they Got GOOD grades too which helped in growing word of Mouth for us.

This helped me in covering up for my part time job however I would charge them for my services. This covered up for my expenses and I continued to do so, till I created a formal session for this service which later on became “The Document Co”